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Emotional Interfaces – from commands to conversation

What are the most significant cultural, commercial and design challenges that our clients will face over the next 12 months?

FJORD with the help from their colleagues at Accenture have distilled their thinking to nine key trends that reflect the impact of digital on the real world and explore how this will shape both consumer expectations and service design.



Enhancing human experience using smart materials

Light.Touch.Matters (LTM) Project, the ongoing research at Brunel University aims to study how designers can embed the physical properties of Smart Materials in the everyday environment to support human activities and provide an efficient product experience.


Stretchy, conductive films made of novel nanobuds could bring touch sensors to more surfaces.

Transparent films containing carbon nanobuds—molecular tubes of carbon with ball-like appendages—could turn just about any surface, regardless of its shape, into a touch sensor.

  • By Kevin Bullis on December 8, 2014 @MIT technology review
  • Photos courtesy of Canatu