Winning feasibility studies from recent £250,000 Robotics ‘call for research’

HCDI collaborates on autonomous systems project for servicing trains:

  • Robust Automated Servicing of Passenger Train Fluids (RASPT-F), Brunel University London

This project won by Brunel University London will investigate the technological feasibility of developing a fully autonomous track-side system for completing the various externally-accessible ‘fluid’ service tasks on passenger train fleet. The system will be designed to be located outside the maintenance depot, and to be robust in the sense that it remains effective whilst coping with different rolling stock, different fluid functions and access locations, as well as resilient to inevitable adverse weather conditions. It will achieve considerable commercial benefits in terms of reducing train operating costs and reliability, improving servicing safety and freeing depot resources to focus on other maintenance tasks.

Full details:

Also at:


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