HAND REHAB – Smart Experiences

The Light.Touch.Matters (LTM) glove concept takes advantage from the novel light/touch material to create a meaningful scenario in which training and rehabilitation activities become smart and playful. The idea behind LTM glove is to provide users with an interactive self-rehab tool measuring personal improvements in hand mobility and reducing the recovery therapy at the gym. The smart device gives information about the correct execution of the exercises by sensing pressure and bending of the fingers and responding in lighting feedbacks. It also shows the progress you make during the exercise. This is a relevant societal issue. The device become part of the body like a wearable, and has therefore the potential of becoming very familiar; feeling reassuring and supportive. A specific set of motion exercises is possible to select with an LTM app for glove. This will be programmed based on therapists’ exercises suggestions and depending on the condition. Some help increase a joint’s range of motion or lengthen the muscle and tendons via stretching. Other exercises strengthen muscles around a joint to generate more power or to build greater endurance. These are helpful for inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis) and no painful arthritis conditions. The concept has a great potential in the occupational therapy by select cognitive training exercises. Elements of gamification, or enhanced sensory experience, may contribute to a longer-lasting encouraging experience.



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